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The Beaumont is a unique hand built modern day pre charged air rifle capable of very high power levels with minute of angle accuracy out to 100 metres and beyond.

The action and special valving is designed and made by Alfred the Vries. For information on complete rifles, actions, tuning and customising the action you can contact him directly at beaumont@tiscali.nl - or go to the special website www.beaumont-airguns.nl

The design and manufacture of the Beaumont gun and pistol stocks that are fitted to the actions is done in my workshop. The designs are specially made to suit the Beaumont, both in appearance and performance.

The Beaumont Custom Shop offers you bespoke stocks and custom stock options.

Below is a sample of the possibilities.

The making of a bespoke Beaumont stock

It starts with an action and a block of wood.

Action inletted into the blank. Contours cut.

Blank has been shaped. Sanding and polishing has been done.

The stock is taking oil.

Detail of skeleton grip cap with checkered wood (32 lpi).

Detail of butt pad covered with leather.

The finished stock


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