Restocking side lock
Leather covered recoil pad
Browning B25 stock
Splinter forend
Ornamental carving
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Restocking job of a Arrizabalaga 20 gauge shotgun made for P. Roberts of London.

Original stock was a straight English stock that was broken at the wrist just behind the hand pin due to a fall. Replacement is a stock with pistol grip.

First the contours are drawn upon the blank. The contours of the head have been cut away with a band saw. Photo shows the inletting the action on the head of the stock in progress. The action is mated to the stock using red spotting colour to see the high spots where wood needs to be removed.

Next step is inletting the safety under the top strap of the action.

With the action now fitted to the stock, it is time to inlet the trigger plate

The plate and triggers have been inletted. Now its time to drill the holes for the hand pin and the breech pin that connect the upper tang with the plate.

With the action now firmly secured to the stock, the contours have been cut to the measurements of the customer.

Next step will be the inletting of the lock plates.

Left lock plate inletted.

Right lock plate inletted.

Letting in the locks part for part.

Locks fully inletted into the blank.

Shaping the stock.

A lot of shavings later...

The stock is approaching its final shape.

Rosewood heel and toe inserts reinforce the stock.

The end result.

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