Restocking side lock
Leather covered recoil pad
Browning B25 stock
Splinter forend
Ornamental carving
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Stocking a Browning shotgun

This series of photos is about making a stock for a Browning B25 shotgun. Wood is grade 3 Turkish walnut.

Fitting the action into the blank. After making the initial cuts, the action is inletted into the head of the stock.

Using rasps and drawknives, the stock is taking shape.

Inletting the trigger guard.

Fitting ebony reinforcements to the stock.

The grain has been raised and sanded down using finer grits of paper each step until the wood is polished smooth.

Oil is being applied to the stock.

The stock has been saturated with oil and rubbed smooth.

Checkering in progress.

Finished Browning B25 stock with fancy checkering, drops, stock oval and ebony reinforcements.

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