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Ornamental carving

This series of photos show the designing and making of an ornamental carving. The design is a simplified acanthus carving to be fitted above the front door of a traditional Dutch house. The carving is made of good quality teak, glued together using special finger joints, epoxy and a heavy press to reduce the possibility of it ever warping.

First there is a design.

The design is both elegant and strong with the curls connecting for extra strenght.


Then there is a piece of good quality teak. It is a special laminate to prevent warping.


After cutting out the profile, the carving starts.


Carving in progress.


The carving finished and varnished to protect it from the sun and rain.

Size: 150x50 cm.


The carving painted and mounted above the front door.

Fixing was done using copper and brass fittings to prevent corrosion.

Although being fully exposed to the sun and rain, there are no signs of cracking or warping.

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